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Who we are

about us

Gotmink is a company specialised in Outsourcing and Client Management.
With a client portfolio consisting of micro, medium and large companies from various industries, we position ourselves as a stable and flexible partner in order to meet the different market requirements.

In order to increase your company’s productivity, we provide specialised support in the main areas of management support, guaranteeing the treatment of your data with total security and confidentiality. To boost your business, we have an experienced and specialised team focused on offering you solutions adapted to the needs and goals of your company.

We are a goal-oriented company, with our values reflected in the way we do business, but also in the way we treat our people. We empower each one of them, always seeking to direct them to the function where they can best develop all their talent. 


To be recognised as a benchmark partner and one of the best companies to work for in Portugal, ensuring a balance between our clients' needs and people's ambitions.


Gotmink's mission is to be a company known for developing and training committed and satisfied teams, where strategy is focused on the goals set by our clients.

Our points of culture

1. Commitment

I give my best in any task until I get the expected success. Committed to GOTMINK’s Vision, Mission and Culture.

2. Ambition

Good is not good enough, I believe it is always possible to do more and better adding value and growth for all involved.

3. Proximity

More than a company, I see in my colleagues someone I can count on in every challenge, looking for solutions where I can help or be helped.

4. Transparency

I always tell the truth, with a positive attitude I am not afraid to communicate possible points of conflict, giving priority to common interests.

5. Ethics

I act in accordance with the moral principles and rules of good conduct accepted by organisations.

6. Humanization

I am human, so I see you as my peer.

7. Positivism

Life is made up of ups and downs, but I decide to always look at them positively.

8. Fun

I try to create around me an atmosphere of joy and fun so that everyone around me, can take advantage of this journey that is life.

9. Credibility

I am responsible and disciplined in finding the solutions for long-lasting relationships.

In short, Gotmink's culture is one of strong commitment, where collective success comes before personal interest.


At Gotmink as in my personal life, I believe that we should only be where we are happy. To achieve this, we must face every challenge with ambition, positivity, hard work and humility. We are a company concerned with providing excellent results for our customers and a second home for those who work with us, from internal employees to partners.

Nuno Miranda

Gotmink CEO