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Stereotypes or influences by the opinion of others in HR?

By: Vanessa Ferreira

The fear of taking risks is rooted in Portuguese culture. Is it common to see people who live chained to stereotypes or influenced by the opinion of others?

Normally, the labour market is also extremely conditioned by the “position” / title held, and it is even frequent to look for professions that give them an associated status.

Right or wrong?

However, in the work context, there are several reasons that make us want to change. The ambition of new business contexts, for financial reasons, or even for the simple reason of an improvement in quality of life are many of the reasons that can lead us to the urge to challenge ourselves.

However, the fear of the uncertain, that fear of taking risks, often associated with the opinion of others, conditions our decision and ends up undermining new opportunities to other professions that would probably make us happier.

It is said that only leaving our comfort zone allows us to grow, both professionally and personally. We adopt a behaviour that puts us in an accommodating situation, taking away the possibility of other opportunities working out just because we are afraid of taking risks and don’t believe in our value.

But I believe that our Life begins the moment our comfort zone ends.


It is utopian to find a profession that fits 100% who we are or what we aspire to. It does not exist.

For a profession that allows us to achieve the results we want, that attractive remuneration that allows us to access our dreams and mainly the professional and financial stability we aspire to, we always end up thinking of Business Managers / Entrepreneurs who own their own business.

However, being the owner of your own business requires initial investments, many of them substantial, which conditions the decision to put them into practice and often means having to put that ambition “on the shelf, framed and gathering dust”…

Despite the difficulties and lack of incentives in national entrepreneurship, there are still growing sectors with attractive conditions, allowing their partners and consultants the possibility to manage their time, expectations and ambitions, while having the comfort of a solid company behind them, their backing, support and a high financial return.

The energy sector is one of them.

The energy market in Portugal is booming, allows high incomes and offers essential services for the general population, from the needs of large industries and small and medium enterprises, to those of the private consumer.

(after all we all need electricity and gas to live).

It is therefore very attractive to different types of professionals.

Yes, it is natural to have the stigma of the associated title or position. It is natural not to identify with the projected image of some consultants or other partners within the same business area. There are, as in other areas (but with less exposure) different corporate cultures, different missions and values, and that results in a prejudice towards the energy consulting profession.


In the wake of the (pre)concepts about being an energy consultant, I challenge you to answer the following questions:

  • Does your current job offer you personal fulfilment?
  • Do you think you have the ideal work-life balance?
  • What are the rewards of all your dedication? Does your salary increase every time you add tasks and/or responsibilities? – Remuneration in the energy sector can be quite high and the commitment and investment of time has a direct result on your income.
  • Do you know the reason for the tasks you do and how these activities are influenced and influence the market? – The energy consultant manages their time and organises their activities to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
  • Have you never felt like you are “working to warm up” because in very rigid corporate structures where your work is often forgotten or not valued? Those endless, vain hours now don’t exist, they are yours.
  • Working for someone else is always seen as more secure. But what if we reverse the reasoning? Managers make decisions that define the financial health of the company and its growth, and sometimes there are decisions that affect salaries, continuation in the company, the number of hours in the workplace, etc.

Many of these questions will make a difference to your time management and therefore your success. So don’t make any rash decisions and if you need help, you can always contact us.

Would you like to work with us?

At Gotmink, our CEO Nuno Miranda has a motto: “At Gotmink, as in our personal life, I believe that we should only be where we are happy. To achieve this, we must face every challenge with ambition, positivity, hard work and humility.

We are a company concerned with providing excellent results for our clients and a second home for those who work with us, from internal employees to partners.”

At Gotmink we have a well-defined consultant profile and we consider it essential that every consultant is able to make the most of all the tools provided by making them successful professionals.

Each consultant is supported by our Commercial Management team, Recruitment and Selection Department, Finance Department, BackOffice assistants and Marketing Department in order to specialise in the energy sector making them professionals of excellence.

This is just one of the many services that the Gotmink team makes available, free of charge, to its consultants, as it believes that the level of commitment guaranteed to its partners and clients can only be achieved through excellent service.

Come and join our team and send us your application indicating the location you are applying for (headquarters Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro and Viseu).